"How to raise capital for your idea" March 24 @MSB
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  • Nom: "How to raise capital for your idea" March 24 @MSB
  • Fin: 2016-03-24


On March 24, Founder Institute Tunisia holds its first public event of its second cohort at the Mediterranean School of Business. The event's theme is: "How to raise capital for your idea". Registration and information can be found here. The panel conversation will be gathering : - Mr KHALED BEN JILANI, The exclusive partner of Tuninvest-Africinvest ! - Mr KARIM GHENIM, The CEO of "BIAT CAPITAL RISQUE" - Mr KHALED DRIDI , The Fund Manager / Private Equity chez United Golf Financial Services North Africa The event will be moderated by WASSIM BEN LARBI who is Moderator and Producer at Express FM! What is the Agenda? - Welcome and Socializing - Talks from Entrepreneurs who have raised capital, and Investors who fund startups - Question and Answer - Introduction to the Founder Institute - Discussion and Drinks